Thursday, February 26, 2015

End text?

This is going to be the final spread in my cigarette book.  It's an excerpt the movie Coffee and Cigarettes which is a collection of short films relating to coffee and cigarettes.  This particular excerpt is from the short Somewhere in California between Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, two men who, in my opinion, give off the very essence of cigarette smoke and ash.

I know I said I wanted to chose something personal, possibly interviews or clips of interviews from people that I personally gather, but this scene, and the entire movie as a whole, really reflects the smoker's culture and the inability to give it up;  just one more cigarette, now that I have quit. I think it's a good trade off, from something that people can easily relate to to something that people can recognize.\

Fore edge videos, and sleep performance book

I mostly finished editing the shorter clips (some of them have black screens for too long at the end).  But, I've been considering what I want to do with them, and the grid that the blog set the videos in the last post was pretty interesting to me, so I made two videos in which I explore some of the videos being played simultaneously.  One is a standard quad split, and the other is a little more random.  I've also been making some progress with the book that I'm making for the sleep performance, but I'd prefer to look at it printed, so I'll bring that on Tuesday.

The two split videos aren't showing up in the search again, so the links are here.

Algorithmic Snowflakes

More sketches

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

moving forward

Updated version of the book I am working on. Every day is caught up and in a few days I will be adding February to it. 

Here are two photos of material I can use to build a large scale model of the dream threads. As for the smaller models, I will need some type of base. In fact, I will need an idea for a base with the large scale model as well. Something similar to a hula hoop maybe? Or something more flat. 

The image above is PVC clear pipe.

The image above is a white mailing tube made of cardboard. Comes in different lengths and widths.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Videos

I've been working on refining these videos, I've still got some more that I'm editing, but these are some of the pretty good ones that came out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Side Blog

Also I made a side blog that I'm uploading past work and current progress to. It's at

Book Update

cover page

pages 2-3

pages 4-5

pages 16-17

pages 18-19

pages 20-21
Currently there are only the 21 pages in this book but I have the largest section left to edit down into the data circles which should at least double the size. Breaking down all the images into pages 3-15 took about 2 hours so when I have a stretch of time over the weekend, the rest of the book will get made. The title page displays all the routes traveled together, as if on a map. Red is the color for now just because it was the easiest to see on the map that I was drawing the route over, it won't stay that color.

I've also been thinking about the next topic for a data book similar to this. Instead of including images, it may just be a data set of the amount of times I've looked clocks during a period of likely one day. I'd include the time it was, where I was, and how the time was conveyed to me, whether it was a clock, a phone,  a computer monitor, or something else.

I got the idea in a particularly boring art history class where it seemed I would check the time every 30 minutes only to see about 2 minutes actually pass. It got me thinking about how we perceive time and distort our memory of it, depending on our surroundings and activities.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More videos, and stuff I'd like to do with them

So there are a lot of videos here, two of them, the page turning and the page animation are videos that I meant to upload last time around, but forgot to.  I made 2 loops from the book tape videos, they could just be animated .gifs at some point.  And there's another video that I shamelessly downloaded from my instagram.  

In thinking about how I'd like to present these shorter videos and loops in an exhibition setting I started thinking about them being part of the installed performance space.  So that in the gallery a version of my usual performance space (painted tile floorpiece, shelf, stool) that you can see in the past videos, plus monitors (or ereaders, if I can manage) cycle through these videos.  I think since I reference these videos as a sort of porn, and the performances are to some degree about fetishism, or intimacy, they should be viewed as a singular(ish) unit.  I'm also still interested in the notion of projecting the performance videos onto the installed performance space during the times that I'm not performing.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I was working on the first video for my independent study with John and ended up playing with some projections and book pages which I thought was interesting. I ended on these projections using the tape from badly repaired library books. These are the most interesting to me and I'm hoping to do more with them (maybe a large scale artist book).  I don't know if they should stay projections, just because of how fragile, and relatively uncontrolled the whole thing is, plus I think separating them from the tool making them sort of adds to the mystery of them. There are a few more videos that I couldn't post here:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Jill talks about how we are still "in development", we are not the solution to Earth's "perfect creation", we are still evolving. This made me think of the evolution of mankind on Earth...

Which made me think of the evolution of another kind, on other planets. Given that the human race has adapted to the Earth's environment, I think that other species or Aliens exist on other planets, and have learned to "adapt" to their planet's environment also. Why can't life on other planets exist? Lack of carbon or water? Well who says that these elements are essential in life on other planets? Maybe they have "adapted" to not need those things but rely on something else. Maybe they have a whole new Periodic Table with elements that are essential in their lives. So I was thinking...

I could make charts like these (evolution of man), that instead are concepts of "aliens" that could live on other planets, whose bodies have adapted to withstand their environments!

... good idea or bad?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tag Organizer (S spreads)

This is one spread containing all of the tags that start with S that occurred in the past five recorded months. February is still in progress and can not yet be added. It contains the tag, how many times that tag appears, and all of the days it appears on. The tags that are colored red are the few that appear most often. (5 times or more).

Dream Book Layout Trial 2

These are new page layouts I am drying out. I would like to use some graphic elements on pages that appear to have more white space than others. I like this more than the first trial.