Alyssa Pettit

Facets of a particular rock

When involving one’s self in the creative process, it is key that one must leave a legacy behind. Especially as a designer, when many of the prompts are preordained, an individual attention of detail is crucial.

Through the first semester of Graphic Design Senior Seminar I have explored multiple facets of a particular rock, such as the scientific properties, its composition, colour palette, etc. When I originally embarked on this exploration of geology and curiosity, I began focusing on the interest of my life in correlation with the reasons why rocks and other personal acts impact my life. Collage, typography, illustration, and rocks are four aspects that express my mindset as a whole. These things allow the artist and designer within to come together to form an overall depiction of my particular style. I have drifted from the geology-oriented project and have arrived at sequential art.

I will be using the entirety of Spring 2015 to create several books, depicting my creative stylization of mixed mediums in sequential form. Rocks/stones, and their purpose will still serve a large purpose within the books, while adding additional elements to create a storyline of my personal mindset.

Drawing, and collaging, along with photography will all take place within these books; however, there will be a particular focus on two-dimensional layout and the addition of type to explain what is happening. There will be a combination of mixed media methods all brought together through layout and design into a cohesive form. These aspects create an expressive tale. In short, this is a book of a collaborative media encompassing my mind as a designer and artist.

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