Thursday, January 29, 2015

A to Z

A while back John and I were discussing the possibilities of "quieter" performances, which may reveal themselves later.  We talked about me writing letters with my tongue on something, and maybe that would read as something at the end.

Well I didn't do that, not really I guess.  I was interested in the concept of writing letters with my tongue and the associations that that holds, applying it to the book, and seeing where it takes me.  It's definitely follows the other book licking performance that I've done, and while I feel that that one is compelling, this has another kind of thing going on with it.

I used this old art history glossary From Abacus to Zeus, and drew out the letters of that page, so if I were on a page defining pagodas and post and lintel, I would write Pp with my tongue somewhere on that page.

Watching it back is sort of strange, because the licking is not just random, but is also difficult to parse.  Plus the associations with writing the alphabet with the tongue and oral sex is really interesting/odd.  Is this some unexpected result of deep intimacy with our own language?  Does this association exist within other cultures whose writing systems are very different from English. The whole thing has the tinge of amateur exhibitionist porn.  The random talking an background noise of the studio makes it feel really public.  I felt that while I was performing, because it was not a typical performance situation, where it is known that something out of the ordinary may happen, I was doing this in my studio while everyone else worked, or walked around, I felt on edge the entire time, like I was going to be caught which feels appropriate for the piece.  I'm interested in exploring this further, but at the same time I'm wondering about the meaning an longevity of these book fetish pieces.  I think I need to just write a bit extensively about them to really begin to nail them down.

P.S. I uploaded all of my full length videos to youtube, they're right here.  John, maybe you could add it to the resources on the blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I rewrote draft because my last draft is difficult to grasp.
The first image is for explain character concept.
The second image is the draft of the little square poster.
This poster is going to be draw character with main tool which is used in each concentration.

Fibonacci Pattern

After contemplating over and over how I will incorporate space into my thesis, along with my passion for quilling, along with my interest in the fibonacci pattern/ ratios, I think I got it. I found this link that showed some more examples of the fibonacci pattern that I never really thought about. This link shows a picture of the galaxy and how it follows the golden ratio rule, which is originally what I wanted to quill about. The art of quilling is particularly interesting to me because it too follows some guidelines of the Fibonacci pattern, therefore, I'm thinking, maybe I can stick to my interest in space, by combining it with the Fibonacci pattern theory, and proving it with the art of quilling??? Any thoughts I'm completely ears.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Worked on the chart a bit more

Added some cards and expanded it a bit so it'd be easier to read.  I also drew a quick reading chart, since not all the connections I'm making are necessarily obvious when you first look (also because I didn't build it as a 3D web). 

Rock Diagram #1

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stars and Multiverse

noun plural noun:
exoplanets a planet that orbits a star outside the solar system.
"most of the 100 known exoplanets are comparable in mass to Jupiter"

Speed Reading Videos

I made a few of these videos a while ago, viewing them as being representative of reading that is specific to reading on screen. I find it interesting to remove the utility of the software, by setting speeds to theoretically show the text in a minute. The result is it being impossible to read with any clarity, and delayed recognition of specific words. They're pretty low quality videos because they're screen captures, but I'm sort of interested in the weird witchy atmosphere of blurred text. The texts that I chose were writings on the state of the book within the network. They're texts that I feel like I should read, but rarely manage to. I've been trying to figure out how to use them, my studio mate and I have considered collaborations involving projecting them. I've considered performance work involving speaking the few words that I recognize, or writing them down.


The Gospels: Literature being used for this semester.
>>The Writing of Stones, Roger Caillois
>>Writing Pictures and Drawing Words, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

Index of Rocks

>>All of my rocks in these events have been numbered chronologically and classified by time in which they were picked up, the event that was occurring, and the place of collection. I have created a basic format for the index that I plan to include in the rear of the novel so a viewer can make further connections between the rock and my reasoning for using them as subject matter.

**Event 11 is a final coming event, that has yet to take place.

Format: Event #X, Date.
Rock # (Location Name, City, State.)
Event #1: “The Escape”, September – October 2014.
Rocks 1-3 (Lynch Park, Beverly, MA.)
Event #2: “Rift Wraith”, October 17-25 2014.
Rocks 4-8 (Dane Street Beach, Beverly, MA.)
Event #3: “The Wild Rogue”, October 26, 2014.
Rocks 9-15 (West Beach, Beverly Farms, MA.)
Event #4: “Auntie Whispers”, November 2014.
Rocks 15-17 (Independence Park, Beverly MA.)
Event #5: “Rock Fact”, November 2014.
Rocks 17-26 (Independence Park, Beverly MA.)
Event #6: “Dream Team”, November 2014.
Rocks 17-26 (Dane Street Beach, Beverly MA.)
Event #7: “Nelson’s Crash”, December 1 2014
Rock 27 (Lyons Park, Beverly, MA.)
Event #8: “New Beginnings” December 15-17 2014
Rocks 28-35 (Independence Park, Beverly, MA.)
Event #9: “Utter Euphoria” December 18-31
Rocks 36-39 (Independence Park, Beverly, MA. Oak Spruce Resort, South Lee, MA.)
Event #10: “Commuter Rail: Outbound” January 2015
Rocks 40-47 (Independence Park/Lyons Park/Lynch Park, Beverly, MA.)
Event #11: “The Future Has Arrived”


>>A visual language map of everything that will be included in the novel. This includes a script, 'Copy', that will be a storyline to entwine the plot. This will make it less abstract. The tone and writing is dated, and fantasy/mystical based.

>>The 'Rock Diagram' words, are the terms associated with the philosophy behind that particular rock. These will be pages of the novel that will be the map of the rock that is divided into cooer scheme, topological layers, etc in association with the event that was taking place at the time when the rock was collected.

>>The 'Frames' quotes are real-time based, with basic modern language. How we would normally talk in basic conversation. The quotes in the speech bubbles.


In Short: A Tale of Geologic Illumination

Title Page:
In Short: A Tale of Geologic Illumination
Alyssa Pettit

“Publishing” Information:
Copyright 2015 in Beverly, Massachusetts by AP Designs.
All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced without the written permission of the publishers Alyssa Pettit, in association with Montserrat College of Art. Printed and bound in Massachusetts, USA. All illustrations/photography: Alyssa Pettit

For Jacob

Event #1: “The Escape”
Rock Diagram:
Freedom, Vindication, Escape
It was this moment in time when specific rocks were collected, and these rocks served an intense purpose. They were around when extraordinary things happened. It was in a quick stint, that a significant break occurred. A Lass was finally free of one evil soul that belonged to a psychotic dictator. The threat of the noose no longer awaited her. It was a prison break—the best ending to the worst problem. Most stories begin with an end.
“Go Nelson, go!”
“Never again will I go back. It was like getting out of prison to be honest.”

Event #2: “Rift Wraith”
Rock Diagram:
Uncertainty, Frustration, Apprehension, Curiosity
It was only a few days before The Lass was under the control of someone else. She took to the sea to gather rocks in mental defense. She cast herself away under the cover of hope for continuous opportunities to add to her newfound life. However, there were still monsters that lurked around the corner, tempting her to fall to the life of a wraith; anger, fear, and frustration. She sought temporary relief in a mental forest of darkness.
“Sometimes I fade away to this place where no one can reach me. But I just so desperately want to know…”

Event #3: “The Wild Rogue”
Rock Diagram:
Excitement, Hope, Astonishment
As frivolous emotions consumed the Lass, a boy appeared. It was unexpected, and sudden. Although she had never been reliant on someone before, she fell for the Rogue almost instantaneously. The anger and fright that she had felt since her escape and the frustration she begrudgingly carried melted away into tears of relief. Who would have imagined someone could have that effect on her? Together, they adventured and took on the curves of this new life.
“Hey, you don’t have to be scared.”
“Adventuring with you is beyond fun.”
“I honestly never saw this coming…but I’m glad it did.”

Event #4: “Auntie Whispers”
Rock Diagram:
Annoyance, Hatred, Confusion
Things became crowded. Things became complicated. The Lass wished to spend her time in other endeavors. She became infatuated with the Rouge, and started to have thoughts of utter bliss. However, it seemed as if her environment was against her. The rocks that she gathered were items of safety. She hid behind them to shake the feeling of being watched. Escape was once again on her mind.
“I feel like Auntie Whispers is always breathing down my neck.”
“Oh, right, I’m the bad guy now. Shame on me.”
“Ignoring me: Commence in 3, 2, 1.”

Event #5: “Rock Fact”
Rock Diagram:
Anger, Aggravation, Frustration, Fury
It was only a matter of time before the Lass grew weary of being suffocated by the people around her. She had to again branch from a life of settling and do what was right for herself. There was no way to deal with the tragedy of being frightened to handle one’s own issues. Her gathered geologic gospels were only temporarily shielding her from the madness she would endure.
“I’m going absolutely bonkers, and that’s a rock fact.”
“God, just leave me be! For crying out loud!”

Event #6: “Dream Team”
Rock Diagram:
Friendship, Acceptance
No matter the rocks, no matter the collection, The Lass still feared what could be when it came to doing what was right. The Rogue was an explorer, a warrior of the world, and that kept him away at sometimes. Their love for each other grew stronger, but she also acquired a companion through the turn of events that happened. A Maiden of a different taste offered friendship, and a warm place to hang her satchel when the Rogue was reluctantly off at battle. They became fast friends, with an inseparable bond of sisterhood.
“You’re totally the girl with the blue eyes! You’re Brittany!”
“Lyssa, we’re like Greg and Wirt! Potatoes and molasses.”

Event #7: “Nelson’s Crash”
Rock Diagram:
Desolation, Stress, Anxiety
The eve of escape from the last crucial volatile incident, The Lass fled to her Iron Steed. This steed was one of which she cared about very much. She boarded him in order to escort herself and The Rogue to an enchanted city. Through separate circumstances they journeyed together, until her steed fell victim to a terrible accident. The Rogue held her up as best he could, despite the sadness that consumed his love. She ached for her steel partner, but time would be the only thing to heal it. Music attempted to sooth her, but with a rock clutched in her gentle hand, she waited.
“This can’t be happening. Who decided that this was fair?! Now?!”
“High, all the time, to forget I’m missing you!”
“He’ll be okay babe, we’ll get through this.”
“I’m s-so sorry Nel-son, I’m s-orry.”

Event #8: “New Beginnings”
Rock Diagram:
Joy, Safety, Relief
Despite the intensity of many bizarre events happening, the Lass finally pulled herself completely into her new life. She was in a new place, a high place, and a place of safely. The longing for a happy life was over. New beginnings were in her reach. She was safe. Her Rogue was caring for her, and the Maiden was a kind soul with words of kindness.
“Try and get me now! It’s like a new beginning, really.”
“I’m safe. I can finally breathe again.”

Event #9: “Utter Euphoria”
Rock Diagram:
Enchantment, Elation, Vivacity
The events that occurred, the ones that soured The Lass’ outlook of other people, had faded away. They seemed as if they took place ages ago. The Rogue and her adventured, explored, and took on new things together. It was an elegant chaos in which they worked together was beyond most words. Was it possible to reach such euphoria? Clearly, love and inspiration could be found in the most unexpected places.
“Usually, when I have bad dreams, I realize I’m dreaming. But then if I find Nelson, he saves me.”
“Well, I can save you now too, ya know.”

Event #10: “Commuter Rail: Outbound”
Rock Diagram:
Comfort, Delight, Sanctity
Everything had fallen into place. Her rocks were no longer something she used to hide from the world, but as catalyst for her adventures. The Rogue and The Lass were together and happy. She entrusted her world to him, and he kept it safe. It was like travelling to the countryside ten times over. Her equine friends and their love was also a blessing, for she felt closer to them than ever before. The Iron Steed returned to grace her presence once more. The rocks were examples of bliss; the bliss she was experiencing in her new life. They were now mementos of the past, and though she looked to them for comfort, that was all she had to do. Herself, and her heart were protected by a force to be reckoned with.
“Being with you, is like riding Outbound on the Commuter Rail, into the woods, into the country. Can’t really beat that feeling.”
“I’ve honestly never been so happy.”
“It’s called Kota, from the album Animal Magic. That’s so crazy.”
“I draw because the ideas that I have—I mean they have to go somewhere.”

Event #11: “The Future Has Arrived”
Rock Diagram:
Preparation, Realization, Readiness
The Lass was now entering the next phase of her life. Her kingdom was about to change; however it was for the better. The Rogue was by her side, the Iron Steed practiced in waiting stance, and the world was no longer scary but an oyster to her creative mind. Bigger and better things were awaiting her, and she would take them on, with her rocks alongside her.
“Future? Bring it. I mean, I have a Trans Am. I can do anything.”

End Page:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Paradise Lost: book i, book ii

In this series of performances, I explore how the act of reading, specifically from a codex, reflects upon the reader due to a common perception of morality and romanticism associated with reading from the codex. These notions are challenged in performances in which I read, using the act of moving to a new page as a timepiece, and simple gestures which deny the typically romantic image of reader and book. Currently these performances have taken place while reading through Paradise Lost, each of these performances involves water as a gesture toward the concept of the Great Flood.

Distance and Space

Power of Ten

Scale of the Universe


Monday, January 19, 2015

Thumbnails: Visual Map of Graphic Novel

These are the very rough thumbnails that will describe the basic 'map' of my book. It was a very long process to map the basic layout but it was necessary to create a plan to start with.

Rock Diagram: Before each specific event is executed via illustration, the rock will be dissected to show colour and have words matched with its physical aspects that will have philosophic meaning. (This will be the stereotypical desingerly aspects of this novel, for it is my goal to combine illustration with my own aesthetic of design. )
Events: The events that are listed will show what happened, and incorporate life experience into them. As of right now there are 12. More may be added depending on time constraint.

This blueprint will be referenced consistently throughout the semester. Size of page is still debatable. On schedule to have illustrations/content completed by February 14th **

Selected Rocks (Rough Scans) THE STONES OF LIFE

For visual purposes, I have selected all the rocks I wish to use as subject matter and 'inspiration' for colour schemes and ideas.

These rocks were all collected at particular times in the past several weeks that represent key events in my life. I will be creating diagrams based on their physical appearances and join that with philosophic descriptions. i will chose specific words and incorporate them with design and my connection with them.

Upon scanning them, I will begin to sample colour palettes and studying them for purposes besides their geologic principles as I did last semester. (Higher resolution scans may be explored this week, just to have on a digital/visual library.)

"Completed" Illustrations (As of Jan 2015)

Here are some illustrations I have completed for the novel so far. This gives everyone a rough idea of my drawing style and what I hope to encompass within the images. I want to portray feel and thought, which are two of the most philosophic aspects that any rock that I collect seems to offer.

These illustrations are represented in sequential format, with an emphasis on basic two-dimensional format. Font so far is Helvetica Neue, both light and light bold. This will most likely be adjusted.

Please note that these are done in WIP format, with black, white, and red. (These are the colours I usually sketch and design in as preliminary steps.)

"Mock" Novel (Previous, GDSS Semester 1)

This is a previous mock-up of what my graphic novel will hint at. Here it shows two of the illustrations in rough format (black and white) coupled with miscellaneous works of the one rock being used. For this semester, I intend to go forward with these drawings, and create more, in compliance with the use of more rocks and the aspects they obtain.

Finished Notecards

Finished my notecards. I only did projects I had a visual idea for, and left a few that were just ideas or concepts out. ~32 in total.

It's easier to go through and see which ideas are more relevant that others this way, and I think the concept web I started the other day helped clarify my thinking a bit.

Character create

I create character of "Animation+Interactive Media."

At first, wrote mind map about A+IM. And pick up Inspiration for decided character design concept.

Civilization and Its Discontents: Pages i-xxvii

Common internet language has allowed the word porn to be attached to anything which may be found pleasing, resulting in the concept of book porn, or book fetish. My interest is to play with these terms, and make them literal to the point of absurdity. The foundation of this body of work is this performance in which I lick the gutter of a book in an attempt to sexualize the book, and create a sort of amateur book porn.

(It seems that for now I'll be uploading clips of performances considering the file size limit until I upload everything to youtube. Plus the audio needs to be cleaned up on the full length videos The full performance is 10 minutes. This is the link to the full version on vimeo, but I probably won't keep using it.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Concept Web

I have started a thing on the wall in the seminar room.

Please don't touch I'm still working on it :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

First data collection

First data collection, 74 images taken, 306 cigarette butts recorded. Walk from the Hardie building at 23 Essex Street to 197 Cabot Street.


Cigarette plots

Online Trial 3D Model - October


This is what the model for october will look like. The most common seven tags here were not the same as the top tags in September. However, the tags from September still occurred and they will be tied back in. The top tags of October (in no particular order) were:
What I discovered is that my dream topics altered dramatically at the beginning of the new school year between the start in September to the month full month of October. Most of these tags appeared later in the month and quickly. The day with the least tags was Saturday, a weekend where there is no school and I am not on campus. I am eager to see how each month is connected. Also, when looking at this from the top point of view, the shapes created seem to have a discrete pattern. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Short Videos

Below is a very short video showing my model from all sides. 

This video is a bit slower than the first.


I wanted to show the difference between the structures when they are put side by side. The use of thread appears to be much cleaner. 

3D Model - Trial 2

Here is the second model. I have made a few modifications from the first model such as materials and color classification. This model has the same build as the first model and follows the same system. 

New Classifications: Blue-Faceless. Yellow-Roommate. Black-Helpless. Purple-Form. 
White-Two of me. Green-Grass. Red-Evil. These colors are chosen to best represent the tag it stands for while remaining clearly different from each other.
(I am thinking of changing the tag, "Form", to "Homework" or "Project".)

The other modification I made was to use colored thread in place of the elastic bands to avoid the problem of pulling towards the center as shown in Trial 1. This model was much more successful and easier to work with. I enjoyed it. 

Thinking further on how to better this structure, I want to remove the mock-up styrofoam base and make it a wooden one. Also, to continue with this project, I want to make one for every month from September to March. I hope to have seven of these. I also hope to see some tags appear in months where it is not most common, So that I can mark it and connect those months to each other with a thread. I like the idea of calling this, Dream Threads.

(On a side note, while making this display I thought to create dream catchers using each months threaded pattern for the center strings. This is an idea that won't come into play until all connections are finalized). 

3D Model - Trial 1- ERROR

This is my 3D model three days after it was created. The elastic bands are pulling to the center. While making this, I tried to prevent the pieces from leaning by hot gluing the top and bottom of the pedestal in place. Unfortunately, it did not work. Time to try again. 

3D Model - Trial 1

This is the first attempt at the 3D model based off of my information I collected from my seminar tumblr. It is made with a styrofoam base, wooden sticks cut to size and indented evenly, and elastic bands. Each band represents its own tag. There are seven tags displayed. 
Blue-Faceless. Yellow-Roommate. Purple-Form. Black-Helpless. Tan-Two of Me. Green-Evil. 
Red-Grass. The colors were chosen based on which elastic band could stretch accordingly. 

Each pedestal (wooden stick) represents a day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Each score on the pedestal represents a week of the month for September. (There are five scores for five weeks). Every time a tag presented itself in a dream, I would mark it on the model below like a calendar. 
The model below is photographed from different angles to see two side views and a top view. 
What is discovered here is that none of the seven most common tags showed up on a sunday. Both Saturday (beginning to the weekend) and Monday (Start of the week) had only three tags. Most activity occurred between Tuesday and Friday, however Friday appears to be different. Unlike any other pedestal, it has no overlaps. There is one tag marked for every friday of the month. The two tags that did not appear were "Evil" and "Two-of-Me". (Both are considered to be unpleasant in a dream). 

I assume the activity during the week is caused by school, homework, time management, etc. Saturday is a day where I can wind down from the week at school and just work at my job at Market Basket. Sunday is a day I work and move back to Beverly to start another week of school. Monday is the first day of the week meaning my brain mentally prepares for the week ahead. What makes friday different is that it is the only day a week I see my significant other. This is my theory as to why my dream patters occur in this manor. 

Online Trial 3D Model - September

This is an online trial of a mock up for a 3D model. It was done in Google SketchUp .
Below are several different angles rotated to be viewed from all sides.