Sarah Middleton

Dream Threads

My project is a type of Information Design. It involves surveying and mapping different types of spaces such as physical space (Billerica, Beverly) and mental space (my dreams). Both of these physical and mental spaces have emotional dimensions to me (personal history, relationships, memories, etc.). Between these spaces I will seek to identify linkages by means of tagging and classification. Generally, a person can not dream of something they have not experienced or seen during their life, (television is included in this). I will explore my mind and how it is affected by every day life while revealing information and patterns within my design. These tags, along with graphic and diagrammatic devices will provide means to connect and discover connections between these diverse realms.

I have started to explore both two- and three-dimensional diagrams to give visuals of the information gathered from these physical and mental spaces, and the threads that connect them.

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